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cacfplogoThe Billings Child Care Association is a private non-profit sponsor of the Child and Adult Care Food Program. Any family or group childcare home located in a residence and operating within the registration process of Montana is eligible to participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program.

To begin participation, the Sponsor will need your PV number to apply for approval from the State CACFP. Once approval has been granted, an appointment will be set up and the Sponsor will come to your facility. It takes about 2 hours to review the rules and regulations. Once the contract is signed, you may begin claiming meals immediately.

Family and group homes can be reimbursed for 2 meals and 1 snack per child per day OR 2 snacks and 1 meal. The meals must include the following components to qualify for reimbursement:

Breakfast: Milk, fruit or vegetable and bread or cereal.

Lunch or Supper: Milk, meat or meat alternate, fruit or vegetable (2 servings) bread or alternate

Snacks: Serve at least 2 of the following - Milk, meat/alternate, fruit/vegetable, bread/alternate

The reimbursement rate is determined by a number of factors: the Census area where the facility is located, the school area, and/or the provider's family income. A home serving 5 children breakfast, lunch and a snack would be reimbursed between $200 and $425 per month.

For more information about the Child and Adult Care Food Program:

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